Sunday, 6 April 2008

Beyond Any Imagination

Beyond Any Imagination

That is Beyond Elites, Luminaries, Gurus, Experts, Analysts, CIO, CEO, and so on.

I talk about a fundamental invention in software:

The Informational Individual

the final frontier of the software concepts

the unique universal concept of the Informational Society.

Final Software Formula

The Future in Software
for 2000 Years

Universal Language of the Informational Space
based on an informational entity called
The Informational Individual

M# language is not a combination of current languages. This is a very power alternative vision to the current software model.
The goal of these pages is to show you that exists a new conceptual approach in software, on a new model – inspired from the real world and having the same stability as the real world:
The Informational Individual!

I talk about a new kind of thinking in software, a new context of work and a new perspective, from now forever!

You are spending uselessly money for the current software model!

The Informational Individual opens a new universe! This is limited only of our thinking, of our imagination, of our intuition, of our desire.

There is no limit!!